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We are experienced Quantity Surveyors based in Havant, in Hampshire. We offer impartial expert advice covering a range of construction topics including; funds usage; scope control; scheduling; contractor management, quality control; procurement and management of cash flow.

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Bid Management

Bid management is all about ensuring that the bidding process runs smoothly, keeps on time and stays within budget.

We are experienced bid managers and have a track record of running successful bids for major projects.

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Claims Avoidance

You probably don’t need us to tell you how complicated construction contracts can be.

As construction contract specialists, we provide impartial expert advice to help you avoid the many pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary or inexperienced. L Spencer CCM help many clients prepare, review and where necessary amend commercial contracts. Spending a little money for our advice up front can save you thousands in claims and penalties later on.

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Contract Administration

Having the right contract is a excellent start, but implementing it can still be a real challenge, especially to those with little or no experience in construction project management.

Ensuring that your building project stays on quality, on time and on budget is the job for an expert. That’s why people like you choose L Spencer CCM. Our 20 years of experience managing all sorts of successful construction and infrastructure projects means that you can rely on us. Whatever the size of your project call us first!

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Cost Engineering

As well as being experienced and qualified quantity surveyors, L Spencer are also experienced cost engineers.

We have worked on engineering projects as well as construction projects.

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As an experienced quantity surveying practice based in Havant, we offer a broad range of specialist construction related services including estimating and measuring.

Many contractors use us to produce an accurate Bill of Quantities. Accuracy at this stage is crucial to the whole bidding process as it helps ensure that bids are both competitive for the client whilst remaining profitable for the contractor.

So, whether you don’t have the in house resource to do your own estimating, or you just need an extra pair of hands to cover peak periods…

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NEC Training

Since the NEC contract was first launched in the early 90’s with the aim of facilitating negotiation and reducing disputes they have become increasingly popular.

The problem is that they are different from other contracts, and it takes an expert to understand and administer them properly. We have worked on a number of successful projects using this form of contract and, as a result, we know their “ins and outs” intimately. You too can now benefit from our extensive expertise.

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Procurement Advice

Selecting the right procurement process is essential for all types and sizes of building and construction project.

You need to ensure you get the right contractor and the right contract to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and to the required quality standard. Let L Spencer CCM help you get the procurement process right, thanks to our extensive experience and local knowledge. We can guide you on the best procurement method for your specific project. We can also assist you with honest, impartial advice on the choice of architects, engineers and other consultants where appropriate.

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Choosing the right form of tendering is an critical decision in the early stages of any construction project, whether it be a new house build or a large commercial property.

The choice can be bewildering; traditional tendering, two stage tendering, cost plus, negotiation, design and build. An expert like L Spencer CCM can help ensure that you choose the most appropriate tendering method for your project needs.

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Dispute Resolution

Inevitably, disputes in any construction project mean two things, increased costs and a loss of trust. Neither is good news for the project.

Clear contracts, accurate tendering and quality project management can all help prevent disputes but sometimes they still occur. When a dispute arises the most important thing is that it is identified and resolved quickly. L Spencer CCM are experienced mediators and negotiators. We pride ourselves on being able to resolve your disputes economically, eliminating the need for costly and often acrimonious legal settlements. So if, you have a construction related dispute or think you are about to have a dispute, don’t wait.

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